Testing New Media Tools

This week I was challenged to choose three New Media Tools I have not used before and try them out…Emphasis on the challenge of trying to find one that I have not used! Turns out, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought.

My first tool tested was: Zeemaps

This app is considered a mashup, combining data from more than one source into a single tool (New Media Tools, 2013).

My Experience: I chose to make a map personal to my own story, starting in the location of where I was born to all the places I have lived so far in my life. I called my landmarks “Stepping Stones” then linked all of them together to give me a better visual. The free version of this application is fairly basic allowing you to add plot points one at a time, while a paid membership affords luxuries like group editing. I realized I made an error in my naming of plot points and I had to go back one at a time…all 12 times…in order to fix them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.48.11 PM

(a lot of homes along the way!)

I think audiences that want to better visually make location connections or visibly show reach, this is a neat application, however, I don’t see this app as “shiny and cool” or useful for the majority of the online media application community as its functions are limited.
My next tool tested was: Vine

My Experience: Agitation quickly set in as signing up for Vine on my computer was no simple task. Perhaps user error…Most definitely user error. (I consider myself rather technologically dis-inclined!) I ended up having to grab my iPhone and sign up via the apps on my mobile device, as it was proving impossible for me to figure out my computer’s major malfunction. But once I figured out the sign-up process rainbows exploded from my computer screen as butterflies wafted about.

To test, I made my very first Vine! A ridiculous video featuring my ferocious princess, Lexi, who maintains the most priceless expression of, “What the heck are you doing, mom?” as I oddly question what she is staring at. It certainly made me giggle watching the Vine loop a few times, but it serves no “real” purpose, other than to amuse me now. Take a look at the Vine here, if you so dare. Fair warning: You should probably turn down your volume a pinch and a half, it can be surprisingly loud!
While my own Vine may not prove to be useful for much, this application has the capabilities of benefiting multiple audiences for multiple purposes. This app has time-lapse capabilities, affords for the creation of content, character and/or story in short, six-second clips. With such a short timeframe to deliver a message, I find this application very unique as one can say so much with so little, and this tool captures that concept.

My last tool tested: Instagram

Social networking site where photos can be used to share and convey a variety of messages, market products and/or people, among other new media applications.

My Experience: Like with Vine, I had some technical glitches trying to sign up on my desktop and had to resort to the cellular device to work my way back-front-sideways around the problem. I created an account, took a couple of photos and played with the filter settings, but chose not to post anything yet to this particular site. Instead, I chose to find some people to follow that suited my current interests: crocheting!

Find me on Instagram here.

Not only can Instagram afford one the opportunity to share their personal journey through various rose colored glasses, I mean filters, it can also share and promote goods such as various monthly subscription box programs that give fans the chance to earn prizes while participating in social media contests, creative challenges, and other means which generate audience participation; A great marketing tactic!

While these were fun new tools to try, I do not foresee myself becoming too attached to them anytime soon.


New Media Tools. (2013). Retrieved from: https://www.aids.gov/using-new-media/tools/index.html


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