Blogging “Best Practices”

This week I have chosen to analyze the functions and substance of Seth Godin’s blog as a form of writing and information delivery. Seth Godin is a best selling author who writes about marketing, the way ideas spread, quitting, leadership, and changing everything (Godin, 2015).

I love Seth’s blog as it serves as a personal daily inspiration for me to get up and go make something happen, instead of waiting in the recesses with my hand impatiently waving in the air for someone to finally pick me. But what makes his blog so great?

In my opining, when creating a blog, the “best practices” to utilize in order to ensure appropriate form, function, and substance like Seth’s are:

  • Creating Relevant Content (not perpetuating hate speech or other unproductive substance; keeping content in align with the purpose of the blog, adding meaning)
  • Establishing Authority as an Author/Blogger (show you know your stuff!)
  • Consistency and Frequency of Posts (the more effort to maintain content regularly will help produce a regular audience)
  • Timing (producing content relevant to time such as specific holiday ideas)
  • Ethical Practice (heed professional publishing ethics/guidelines)
  • Writing Style that melds with Subject Matter (keeping the material entertaining, informative, and understandable)
  • Engaging with Readers (not just answering questions and comments, but incorporating your readers wants and needs)

Seth Godin’s blog meets these personal “best practices” through his excellent use of consistency and frequency, creating content relevant to his brand and authority, all while engaging readers with short, beautifully articulated and ethically written, daily posts that are geared toward self-improvement and responsibility.

In reviewing my own blog after determining my stance on best practices, I feel my blog is slightly lackluster. Though I am creating relevant content (fulfilling graduate assignments) and adding in the element of self-reflection often. My consistency lacks as well as my authority on the subject matter because I’m still in my infancy of a solid communications education. I currently lack readership, therefor I lack engagement. My writing style fluctuates, which has its pros and cons; sometimes harmonizing with the content, other times distracting. Quite honestly, I could stand to improve upon all of my personal “best practice” opinions.

As a blogger, when posed the question: If there were an official “Blogger’s Code of Conduct” would you read it, follow it, and find it useful? I’d like to think that I would. But one never truly knows what they will do in a given situation until they are faced with it. I wish to avoid legal troubles as well as unethical contributions to the world. That leads me to believe I would follow such guidelines. However, I am also an out-of-the-box type thinker and doer, which could potentially lead me to make certain choices that challenge the system, instead of following it.


Godin, S. (2015). Bio. Retrieved from:


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